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Youth Lift Anti Ageing Face Serum



A skin serum that rejuvenates your skin!!
The super-nourishing mélange of milk peptide and five-leaf chocolate vine extracts help smoothing fine lines and reducing wrinkles. This face serum moisturizes your skin imposing the soothing property which will give you a cooling effect.
The presence of Dongbaek oil protects skin from premature ageing and helps in tightening of the skin.
For best results, use this as an anti-ageing / anti-wrinkle Serum as day & night face serum.
Green Tea – The best organic skincare ingredient is Green Tea. It is antioxidant by nature, have also been shown to function as anti-inflammatory.
Five-leaf Chocolate Vine Extracts – Any plant with “chocolate” in the name is sure to get attention. The bitter skin of the leaves is used as an age blocker.
Milk Peptide –

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Apply an appropriate amount of GOODCARE YOUTH LIFT ANTI-AGEING Face Serum on thoroughly cleansed face & neck. For best results, follow with Goodcare Youth Lift Anti-Ageing Cream


30gm, 50gm


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