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Tulsi Capsule




Tulsi is a calming herb that produces relaxation effects. However, on its own tulsi does not induce drowsiness or sleep. It is especially known as an adaptogen, an herb that supports the body’s stress response.
Although we can find a lot many benefits of Tulsi, but specifically it has some special cult to explore.
• Tulsi is believed to promote long life and is taken as an elixir to promote balance and resilience to all of life’s challenges.
• Tulsi Lowers Stress and Anxiety
• It has Anti-Inflammatory effects.
• Tulsi improves Cognitive Function. It promotes memory and attention.
• Potentially it helps to resist cough and cold.
• Asthma.
• Fever.
• Hypertension.
• Microbial infections.
• Diarrhea.
• Oxidative stress.
• Inflammation.
Tulsi Extract, Di calcium phosphate.
1 to 2 Capsules twice a day before meal or as directed by the physician.

Bottle contains 60 Capsules.


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