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Natural Glow Gel Face Scrub

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Reveal your hidden beauty!!
Formulated with Green Tea Extracts & Aloe Vera Extracts with Vitamin E to deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate, sweep away dull, dead cells, dirt and excess black heads from the surface of the skin. Clears pores and leaves skin instantly radiant and feeling smooth, supple, moisturized and refreshed.
Visibly leaves your skin soft, smooth & glowing bright making it a perfect exfoliating combo.
Green Tea – The best organic skincare ingredient is Green Tea. It is antioxidant by nature, have also been shown to function as anti-inflammatory.
Vitamin E – Vitamin E oil is an ingredient in many skincare products. Vitamin E’s main role in creams and lotions is as an antioxidant, it could help soften skin as well.
Almond Shell – Ground almond shells are used for a thorough, polishing scrub, perfect for shedding dry skin to leave you soft and smooth.

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Moisten face and neck. Take required amount of GOODCARE NATURAL GLOW Gel Face Scrub and massage gently in a circular motion for a minute. Avoid eye area. Wash off and pat dry. Use daily or as needed.


100gm, 50gm


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