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Karela Jamun Juice


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Karela and Jamun are popular Ayurvedic herbs which help in maintaining the body
functions normally. Goodcare Karela Jamun Juice is 100% pure, natural & free from any
synthetic flavor & color. It contains many vitamins and minerals that your body needs for
well-being. Also helps in detoxifying the blood.
 Helps control high blood sugar.
 Helps stimulates pancreas to produce insulin.
 Stimulates liver to secrete digestive enzymes.
 Works as an appetizer.
 Useful in constipation, hemorrhoids and piles.
 Helps remove intestinal tract worms.
 Purifies blood and fights infections.
 Very effective in skin diseases.
 Helps to reduce acne and black spots on face.
 Helps in oedema.
 It is an expectorant and a good remedy for cough & cold and gives relief to
asthmatic patients.
 Helpful in menstrual disorders.
 It has high anti-bacterial properties.
 Can be used for external application for skin problems.
How to use:
30 ml twice a day. Consume daily within 1 month after opening. Avoid during

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1 litre, 500 ml


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