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Diabet Guard 120 capsules


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Goodcare Diabet Guard is about to rewrite medical history in the new millennium by
providing relief to countless diabetics in India & abroad. At a time when it is estimated
that by the year 2025, there will be 300 millions of diabetics-1/5th of them in India and
abroad, Diabet Guard is a highly potent Ayurvedic formulation of 20 special herbs that
not only effectively reduces blood sugar level, it even stimulates the pancreas to produce
insulin. This unique synergetic combination of Gurmar patti, Jamun gutli, Giloy, Haldi,
Gular patti, karela, Khadir, Amla, Bijayasar, Tejpatra, Kutki, Neem, Sodhit Shilajeet,
Methi, helps to prevent allied complications associated with diabetes. Moreover it is safe
and without side effects. By combining the regular use of Diabet Guard with a balanced
diet and exercise it is now possible to lead a perfectly normal and productive life.

 It is a powerful combination of essential herbs that principally used for diabetes
 It aim to control blood sugar
 Aims to cure problems related to the diabetes, such as, kidney failure, strokes,
blindness, amputation of limb, heart attacks, impotence in men, nerve damage,
pruritus in women, etc.
 It has no side effects to actively help in diabetes treatment.

How to use:
5gms.(1 to 2 teaspoonful) twice daily with water, 10 minutes before meal or as directed
by the physician.
Featured Ingredients:

Jamun Gutli


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