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Ayush Kwath Tablets


Goodcare Ayush Kwath Tablets are a complete ayurvedic formulation made from powerful ingredients like Tulsi, Dalchini, Sonth, Krishna Marich that help boost the immunity levels and help in fighting common infections like cold and cough. These tablets help in building the body’s resistance against the onslaught of pathogens.

Goodcare Ayush Kwath Tablets are also a good source of fiber which helps encourage easy digestion. It stimulates digestive secretion and promotes regular bowel movement. This product is a powerhouse of rich nutrients that help enhance the body’s resistance to fight viral infections. Additionally, it also helps ease minor respiratory issues. Considering the importance of immunity-boosting measures, it can be considered as a self-care solution in order to stay fit and healthy.




Improved Immunity

Goodcare Ayush Kwath Churna helps elevate your immunity levels and keep you healthy and strong inside out. Consuming these ayurvedic supplements every day can help improve your body’s resistance to fight cold and cough, viral and bacterial infections.

Better Digestion

Due to its laxative properties, Goodcare Ayush Kwath Churna helps ease bowel movements. Consuming these Churna regularly may help in fighting bloating, strengthening rectal muscles, relieving flatulence, and keeping the stomach clean.

Helps Relieve Stress

Easy Breathing

The ingredients of Goodcare Ayush Kwath Churna are said to have positive effects against chest congestion, common cold, bronchitis, and minor breathing troubles. This herbal mixture is loaded with immunomodulatory (helps to enhance immunity) benefits, antitussive (helps relieve cough) properties and promotes a healthy respiratory system.

Enhanced Energy and Stamina

Powerful Antioxidants

Loaded with the purest forms of the ingredients, Goodcare Ayush Kwath Churna provides antioxidants to the body which help fight free radicals. Apart from being great for the skin, antioxidants help boost immunity and fight viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens.




Basil or Tulsi is considered one of the finest tonic for the body and mind. The fresh flowers are used in bronchitis, the leaves and seeds are used to combat many infections, the entire plant helps fight vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Tulsi is loaded with Vitamin A and C, calcium, zinc, iron, and chlorophyll. Basil leaves are also great for promoting sharp eyesight.


Dalchini or Cinnamon is considered one of the most diversely used ingredients in Ayurveda. While it is known for its delicious taste and beautiful aroma, it is loaded with numerous benefits for the human body. It helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, reduces the symptoms of headaches, helps strengthen the heart, and helps in combating breathlessness.



The powder extracted from the Ginger roots is commonly known as Sonth in Ayurveda. Starting from improving the body’s metabolism to relieving irritations occurring due to common cough and cold, Sonth helps combat an array of our common health problems. It helps relieve an upset stomach and helps boost all over immunity, thus keeping common infections at bay.

Kali Marich

Krishna Marich

Krishna Marich is commonly known as black pepper is used in many Ayurvedic preparations and is known for many health benefits. It helps in weight loss, bronchitis, regularising bowel movements, and more. Apart from these, it helps promote steadier nerves and improved body resistance. Thus the body gets stronger to fight back bacterial, fungal, and virus causing diseases.


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Apply GOODCARE YOUTHLIFT ANTI-AGEING CREAM over properly cleaned face & neck in an upward motion with your fingertips. Massage gently until fully absorbed.


30gm, 50gm


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