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Goodcare Aciditi Guard is a Herbal Antacid that helps in Hyperacidity, Heartburn, and Acid Reflux. It works internally and effectively in removing indigestion. Dyspepsia and flatulence can also be under control with the consumption of Aciditi Guard.




Hyperacidity or Acid Reflux

Goodcare Aciditi Guard is a herbal solution to provide relief from hyperacidity, heartburn, and acid reflux. It is popularly known for easing common digestive distress. Due to its laxative properties, the capsules help ease bowel movements.

Easing Digestion

Being enriched with laxative properties, Goodcare Aciditi Guard helps in indigestion and irritable bowel symptoms. It helps fight constipation and cleanses colons to promote a healthy digestive system. It helps secrete the digestive enzymes in order to prevent the acid formation in the body.

Preventing Bile Disorders

Haritaki, marich, sonth, and other ingredients present in the Goodcare Aciditi Guard help prevent the various symptoms of bile disorders. It helps in scavenging and removing free radicals and prevents cell damage.



The powder extracted from the Ginger roots is commonly known as Sonth in Ayurveda. It helps improve the body’s metabolism to help in irritations occurring due to common cough and cold. Sonth also helps relieve an upset stomach and helps boost all over immunity, thus keeping common flus and infections at bay.


For holistic wellbeing, every part of the Pipal tree has a large contribution. This powerful ayurvedic herb helps in diuretic action and keeps you healthy and fit. It has a great impact on your skin and wipes out toxins to bring out your natural glow. Pipal helps keep skin itching, boils, pimples at bay.


Marich is used in many Ayurvedic preparations and is known for many health benefits. It helps in weight loss, bronchitis, regularising bowel movements, and more. Apart from these, it helps promote steadier nerves and improved body resistance. Thus the body gets stronger to fight back bacterial, fungal, and virus causing diseases.


Haritaki has been used in Ayurveda since ancient times as a solution for a number of health conditions, pertaining to stomach ailments, cardiac, and respiratory distress. As per years of research, haritaki is a powerful anti-inflammatory and has antioxidant properties. Apart from these, haritaki works well with Baheda and Amla to strengthen the digestive system and give it a boost.



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