Azadirachta indica, the scientific name of Neem that provides thousands of benefits to the world. The bark, seeds, and leaves of the Neem tree are being used for thousands of medical purposes since the inception of Ayurveda. Over the years, we have also started adopting the beneficial properties of its roots, fruits, and flowers.

When it comes to the Neem extracts, it comes from the neem seeds and again has numerous medicinal benefits. Neem is mostly known for its insecticidal and pesticidal properties. Apart from that, we have been witnessing the mesmerizing effects of Neem on our hair and teeth since the Vedic age.

Baidyanath, being one of the most trusted Ayurvedic products manufacturing group, has been implementing Neem in many of their products. Undoubtedly, the results have been great in terms of eliminating certain diseases. After they initiated for Goodcare, neem has been one of their focused ingredients for eliminating ample skin disorders. Let’s find out why…

The Secrets of Neem Tree

The neem tree has always been famous for its innumerable health beneficial properties. Surprisingly, there is evidential proof that neem is being used for several healing purposes from 4500 years ago. India and its neighboring countries have been its origin and the world has always revered it as the most versatile plant ever known.

The tree belongs to the Meliaceae family which refers to the mahogany family. It’s draught resistance, evergreen, and fast-growing properties have been widely appreciated in Ayurvedic medication. The neem tree can live for 150-200 years and turns into a large shade tree with a round, dense canopy. Due to the unique therapeutic value of each of its parts, neem is also popular in the name of “Village Dispensary”.

Ayurveda has described neem as a balancing ingredient of Pitta and Kapha. As neem contains cold, dry, and light properties, it typically aggravates Vata. A combination of neem and other herbs with a Vata-provoking nature deliberately balances all three doshas of your life and helps you attain a stress-free body and mind.

Benefits of Neem

Neem benefits

Modern Ayurveda has identified the remarkable attributes of the neem tree. After all, there have to be certain reasons why most modern pharmaceuticals and cosmetic brands are still turning to the neem tree leaving all other similar ingredients.

  • Skin and Blood Purification is the most highlighting job role of neem. It evidently promotes a clear complexion and healthy skin. Despite being bitter in taste, it diminishes extra heat of our body and offers a cooling effect that magically lowers inflammation and other skin disorders.
  • A Strong Immune System is something you can deliberately expect from neem. It’s an amazing immune booster that detoxifies your whole body and drives the unhealthy ama out of your body.
  • Decreased Blood Sugar is again another vibrant change you’ll notice after a few days of opting for neem. Due to its blood purifying property, it enhances healthy blood flow ad its bitterness automatically pulls down your diabetes level.
  • Healthy Gastrointestinal Tract. A great digestive system automatically makes your body a lot better and comfortable. Neem promotes a healthy GI tract by clearing the excess toxin and heat from that particular section of your body.
  • Active Lungs. Neem helps to promote healthy respiratory functionality and easy breathing.
  • Soft and Nurture Skin. Neem works both internally and externally to soothe and moisturize your skin. Neem oil and soap lubricate and nurture your skin.
  • Cooling the Scalp and Smoothing hair. Some of us carry excess heat and pitta on our hair scalp. Neem does wonders by cooling the hair follicles and scalp while supporting the growth of smooth, long, and lustrous hair.
  • Strong Metabolism. As already stated before, neem has outstanding Kapha-reducing properties. Therefore, it contributes to healthy water and fat elimination and digestion.

Reasons to Call Neem a Wonder Tree

Modern research has successfully established both the alkaloids and limonoids availability in neem, and their medicinal arrays have never been overlooked by Ayurveda. As a matter of fact, azadirachtin (liminoid) contributes almost 95% when applied as an insecticide or pesticide.

Similarly, Gedunin (another liminoid) is great at treating malaria in tropical countries. It is conducted as an herbal infusion or tea. On the other hand, Nimbin and Nimbidin (two alkaloids present in neem) carry efficient antifungal and antiviral properties.

While all parts of the neem tree have equal beneficial properties, neem bark, leaf, oil, and seeds are mostly used in several pharmaceuticals.

Neem Bark

Neem bark

The neem bark has astringent, bitter and cooling properties. When it comes to traditional treatment, neem bark treats Kapha-dosha imbalance, tiredness, loss of appetite, fever, and worms. It is especially great at healing wounds due to its astringent and antiseptic properties.

Undoubtedly, we implemented the first and foremost use of neem bark for cleaning teeth. I still remember how my grandfather snapped off a twig of the neem tree and chewed it. Now I realize how the neem bark helped to prevent bleeding gums, foul smell, and tooth decay way before the invention of toothpaste. It was its astringent quality that did miracles before toothpaste came in.

Neem Leaf

Neem leaf

As per the old ayurvedic texts, written thousands of years ago, neem leaf has a magical effect on the skin. Being an antiseptic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory agent, neem leaf efficiently treats eczema, acne, and ringworm. The traditional method encouraged the crushing of the leaves and applying the paste directly on the wounds or skin affected area.

According to the assertions of Ayurveda experts, neem leaf especially treats Vata disorders. Neem leaf has both astringent and pungent tastes. It successfully works in blood purification by removing the ama from your body and neutralizing damage-free radicles. Additionally, neem leaf is amazing for nourishing your hair follicles.

Even today’s modern Indian culture sprinkles fresh neem leaves on the bed of patients suffering from flu or fever. In fact, in some houses, you may often find a cluster of neem leaves hanging on the outside door. The reason is, the air across the neem leaf is completely bacteria and virus-free that disinfects the room and maintains its purification.

Neem Oil

Neem oil

Crushing of the neem seeds produces neem oil. Similar to the leaves, neem oil also works on refining your skin and treating its inflammation or wounds. Apart from that, it has an excellent effect on dandruff and head lice. It also leaves a great purifying impact on the body during aromatherapy.

Neem and Its Wide Product Range

Fortunately, you need not have a neem tree growing in your front yard to make use of its healing and purifying properties. Here are a few samples of products that provide you with the same effects on your skin, hair, and body.

Two Neem Capsules a Day, Keep All Your Problems Away

Neem Guard Capsules

Goodcare Neem Capsules are made of pure neem extracts and Dicalcium phosphate that work magically on your skin, body, and hair to treat all its troubles. Regular intake of neem capsules twice a day works on your blood purification and reflecting radiant or glowing skin from inside out. Its antibacterial properties keep the acne-causing bacteria away and promote your inner strength.

Furthermore, intaking neem capsules help you maintain a minimum diabetes level. Apart from that, it successfully treats blood impurities, dermatitis, eczema, infections, and all other skin inflammatory diseases. In fact, neem prevents radical damages our skin and postpone the aging process gracefully.

Cleanse All the Dirt Out with Neem Guard Face Wash

Goodcare Neem Guard Face Wash is a blend of pure turmeric and neem extracts that drive all dirt and impurities out of your skin while maintaining its moisturized glow. Its pure herb formula leaves your skin with a soft, soothing, and clean effect. Additionally, it does exactly what neem is famous for – clears acne and blemishes – and promotes a rejuvenated healthy skin.

Before you wash your face with the face wash, ensure to moisten it well. After you wash it off, you’ll find a non-greasy, fresh, and nourished look that will make you fall in love with your skin. The product is absolutely perfect for all skin types and works excellently in outgrowing your inner confidence. So opt for healthy and pure skin today!

Neem Face Wash

Bring Back Your Perfect Skin Tone with Neem Guard Face Pack

The idea of relaxing on applying a face pack has always been very soothing for us. Especially, when it’s Goodcare Neem Guard Face Pack, your skin automatically revives its glow with the goodness of neem. It cleanses skin-pore clogging and improves its texture. It also eliminates excess oil and impurities from your skin to reflect its pure radiance.

Two spoonfuls of powder mixed with rose water bring out your natural skin tone, prevent acne and pimple-causing bacteria, and exfoliate your dead skin cells. Additionally, you can’t avoid the tri-dosha balancing properties of neem that keeps your skin young and healthy naturally. So turn to impurities and keep your skin forever radiant and fresh.