Heart disease usually turns out to be a life-threatening stroke that can leave your life at stake in the blink of an eye. Being a responsible and conscious citizen, if you’ve decided to prevent the uncured heart diseases beforehand, you’ve probably taken the smartest decision as of now.

Evidently, we don’t have the power to eliminate all the risk factors from our lives; but we certainly can take precautions at the right time to postpone their appearance. The reason is, adopting a healthy lifestyle today can get you a better tomorrow.

Symptoms and Potential Causes of Heart Disease

Before we dive into the efficient precautionary measures for heart diseases, we must discuss the reasons for their occurrences along with their potential symptoms. So you can realize when your heart is in trouble and where exactly you went wrong while treating your body.


Heart disease portrays a range of consequences that affect the natural functionalities of your heart. Therefore, everybody might not get similar symptoms while their heart malfunctions. Here is a list of symptoms that everyone usually experiences during heart-aches.

  • Chest pain
  • Swollen feet
  • Breath shortness
  • Fatigue weakness
  • Persistent and dry cough
  • Irregular and rapid heartbeats
  • Pain in either right or left hand
  • Unusual skin patches and rashes

Are you recently going through any of these indications? Let yourself take a second thought before you ignore any of these symptoms.

Heart disease

Causes of Heart Disease

The exact cause of all these symptoms might vary depending upon the type of heart problem the person is carrying. In fact, there can be different culprits for men and women when it comes to ascertaining the reasons for several heart diseases.

  • High blood sugar
  • High blood pressure
  • Excessive drug intake
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Unnecessary stress factors
  • Regular smoking and drinking
  • Dietary supplements, prescription medications, and etc.

Remember, being a stable person with a healthy heart, developing fatal arrhythmia is quite impossible for you without experiencing certain kinds of outer triggers. However, a heart that’s born with a deform, might confront troubles with its electrical impulses.

Preventive Measures for Heart Disease

Heart problems are quite drastic and dangerous. It’s one of those diseases that are not lined up with a particular set of ages. Therefore, start walking through the right pathways when the causes of heartache haven’t recognized you yet.

  • Ban Any Sort of Tobacco Intake

Quit smoking

Tobacco is the highest driving risk factor behind most of the heart diseases on today’s date. Chemical involvement in tobacco builds plaque in the arteries and narrows down its path; while causing massive damage to your blood vessels and heart.

The cigarettes you smoke gradually replace oxygen with the produced carbon monoxide in your blood by a small amount each time. This way your heart gets external forces to produce more oxygen. Additionally, your heart rate and blood pressure increase at a higher pace than usual.

Despite promoting feminism, we can’t avoid the fact that women who take birth control pills or smoke regularly have a higher chance of heart stroke than the rest who stay away from these. However, it’s not safe for men as well and causes equal troubles to their heart conditions. So when it comes to heart disease, even a single cigarette can destroy everything.

  • Wake up and Exercise

Morning exercise

Early morning exercise is always the best way to energize your blood vessels and maintain healthy blood circulation. In case you put a few add-ons to it, like – controlling that extra weight gain or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, your payoff is definitely going to be greater than your expectations.

Regular physical activities evidently keep you fit and active for the entire day while ensuring lesser contradictory situations with your heart. It efficiently controls high diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. So give yourself 30 minutes each morning and witness amazing health improvement at the earliest.

Remember, walking, skipping, running, and climbing stairs also fall under exercising. However, if you’re already a cardiac patient, we would recommend you see a doctor first to ensure the set of exercises you practice each day are suitable for your body to remain healthy.

  • Call for a Heart-Healthy Diet Chart

healthy diet chart

A healthy diet is one solution to most of your health problems. There are two different approaches to maintaining good health; one is the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH), and the other one is the Mediterranean diet.

Aim to make your diet enriched in fruits that protect your heart from uncertain troubles. Go for low-fat dairy products, beans, fish, and a lot of beans. Remember, you’re not supposed to include any sort of extra sugar or salt in your diet plan.

Remain focussed on limiting all the forms of fat, like – monounsaturated, saturated, trans fat, and polyunsaturated. Especially, cut off the trans fat and saturated fat items from your regular diet schedule. Make sure you stay away from trans fat entirely and intake only 5-6% of saturated fat every day.

  • Get Yourself Ample Time to Sleep

sufficient sleep

Sleep deprivation usually leaves you yawning for the entire day and doesn’t let you concentrate on any of your important works. However, less quality sleep has a superior negative impact than we can even imagine. Not getting sufficient sleep becomes responsible for most of the heart blockage issues.

Adults usually require around seven to nine hours of sleep each day. In case you’re not getting that on a regular basis due to your immense work pressure or other busy schedules, there are possibilities that your heart will soon crave it through divergent health issues.

The best way to maintain the 8-hours sleep is to create a time-bound work schedule. Make this a priority of your life and move ahead to a deep sleep relaxation that enlightens your body, heart, and mind at the same time while giving you a refreshing start each time.

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight

Healthy body weight

Carrying the extra amount weight in your middle portion or being overweight increases the risk of your heart disease. Extra fat influences high diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Additionally, it increases the possibilities of several health troubles caused by them.

If you’ve heard about the metabolic syndrome, you must be knowing that the fat around your abdomen mingles with high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high triglycerides and create a negative impact on your body and elevate the risk of your heart stroke.

Maintaining a sufficient weight depends upon your BMI (Body Mass Index), which determines whether your weight and height are compatible with each other or not. Therefore, control your body weight by ascertaining your BMI and let your body become more flexible and light regardless of your age.

Two Good Hearts Each Day Keeps Your Heartaches Away

A healthy heart

Even though your mind needs rest after every interval to stay away from stress, your heart works continually. It’s that little pump on your left chest that keeps your entire body functionalities active. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to keep it safe and sound.

Keeping your necessities in mind, GoodCare, a trusted initiation of Baidyanath, has created an amazing product called Good Heart which is rich in antioxidants that releases free radicles while ensuring your heart’s normal constrict and dilate rates. Additionally, it enhances natural artery vasodilation which keeps your heart warm and safe.

So choose the better set of approaches that can extend the life of your heart and ensure you about a healthy and joyful tomorrow. Let’s make your heart a priority today!