The sequence of Indian monsoon often feels like a sensory dream. The first cracking of the burning sky, the first splash of water, the first raindrop on our skin; monsoon brings a joyful relief from the devastating summer hotness with too many firsts. However, the skincare regime keeps rolling further during monsoon, while keeping a few essentials in mind.

As Goodcare has exploded from the house of Baidyanath, our aim is to extract the most appropriate natural remedies to heal your skin woes from the core. Our today’s topic of discussion is about driving away monsoon blues from your glowing skin permanently with the effective monsoon hacks.

Sheltering Skin from Monsoon Woes

Surprisingly, the changing of weather certainly indicates changing in our skincare regime as well. Different atmospherical transitions call for separate skin troubles and monsoon is quite famous for leading our skin to dampness and dullness.

Undoubtedly, damp skin to the fungi and microbes seems like a toy store to a child. As a result, ringworms, irritation, and rashes grow rapidly during the months of monsoon. In order to combat these skin issues, here is a set of processes that you must follow religiously for a healthy and happy monsoon glow.

For Dry Skin

dry skin

Being Indians, we mostly pray to have dry skin during summer. The reason is, we all live with this misconception that dry skin doesn’t invite rashes or pimples. However, people with dry skin knows the trouble they confront during monsoon.

Dry skin is more prone to ringworms and other fungal infections caused by summer. Eczema like irritations are also quite fond of dry skin and make it almost cracked, red, and itchy. Hopefully, it’s quite clear that dry skin is not necessarily a healthy skin type and needs nourishment too during monsoon.

When it comes to the moisturizing section, we mustn’t forget about honey, which is the father of all the moisturizing ingredients. Apply a mixture of honey and crushed almonds on your face and neck area. Leave for 5-6 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water to let your skin radiate its inner glow forever.

For Oily Skin

oily skin

If you have oily skin, you must have been going through a difficult time while keeping pimples and divergent skin troubles at a bay. The increased humidity during monsoon easily makes your skin greasier heading to breakouts and other unnecessary troubles.

Oily skin is usually overwhelming and that’s probably the sole reason that we keep on cleaning it several times a day in the name of cleansing the pores. Surprisingly, specialists have guided the oily skin people to use a mild face wash twice or thrice a day. Yes, this means that having oily skin doesn’t necessarily make you wash your face uncountable times.

As per our skincare experts, you can use papaya pulp as an exfoliator or a gentle scrub. Additionally, using a pure oatmeal scrub can be a great idea to control the oil balance of your skin and nourish its pores Remember, drinking a lot of water has no better substitute, be it an oily skin or a dry skin.

Essentials of Monsoon Skincare for All Skin Types

Goodcare face scrub

For a moment, let me disregard your skin type and provide you with a few important notes that perfectly fit in all skin types.

  • Wash your face three times a day and unclog the pores with our Goodcare Glow Gel Face Scrub which is completely water-based. It deep cleanses your skin and provides it with a moisturized and smooth effect.
  • Use a non-alcoholic variety for toning your skin. Remember, toning is important to control your skin pH-balance and flourish a radiating glow.

Goodcare non-oily moisturizer

  • Monsoon undoubtedly adds extra humidity to the air that dries up our skin to its awful level. Try using a light moisturizer, like Goodcare Fruit Fun Non-Oily Moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated and soft.
  • Remember, even if the weather is cloudy, the sun doesn’t stop radiating its UV rays on us. So use a trustworthy sunscreen like Goodcare Sun Shield Sunblock. It builds a layer of a shield on your skin to safeguard it from the harmful UV effects.

Goodcare Sun Screen

  • Excessive humidity usually makes you sweat too much and your skin needs to fulfill its required level of hydration to look pretty and healthy. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to stay hydrated during monsoon.

So make sure you look after these unavoidable precautions to protect your skin from unwanted troubles bourne by the raindrops.

The Final Stroke of Skincare

Goodcare cleanser

We understand that having a busy schedule doesn’t always let you look after your skin throughout the morning hours. On the other hand, regular pollution and dirt block your skin pores and turn its outlook dull and unattractive. Therefore, your skin is in need of a smart care therapy that understands your time-management goals.

After you return from outside, ensure to rub off all your make up with our Goodcare Puraclean cleanser. Its Green Tea extracts and vitamins E and C bring the oil, dirt, and cosmetic ingredients out of your skin pore to avoid skin-clogging.

Goodcare night cream

After cleansing, don’t forget to tone your skin with a light and hydrating toner. Green Tea Gel can be the best anti-oxidant for your skin that maintains the pH-balance of your skin with a blooming internal glow. It also helps your skin remain hydrated and fresh.

Before you let yourself dissolve into an uninterrupted sleep, ensure to apply our Goodcare Moisture Restoring Night Cream on your face, neck, and shoulders. Its essential fatty acids and anti-oxidant properties encourage your skin to regenerate its skin tissues. Wake up with a beautiful, even, and flawless skin tone every day with a bit of Goodcare.