There is that one thing in the world which we cannot change is natural aging. As time passes, we all grow prominent lines and wrinkles on our faces. Losing our natural youthful glow, and getting our skin dried up with time; both are quite normal for every human being. After all, we can’t be immortal.

However, for some of us, the aging process starts cultivating at a premature age and we end up losing all the gracefulness of our skin at an early age. In order to help you understand the concept of and reasons for premature aging, our Baidyanath-initiated GoodCare team has come up with a set of valuable information regarding the same.

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What Causes Your Skin to Grow Early Wrinkles and Fine Lines?

While the natural aging process is called “intrinsic aging” in medical terms, researchers have named premature aging as, “extrinsic aging”. Our lifestyle choices, food habits, and the overall pollution levels are usually responsible for extrinsic aging. Other than that, there are a few more potential causes behind the early aging of your skin.

  • The Unavoidable Stress Factors of Your Mind

anxiety or stress

Scientists say, “our minds can do anything and everything”. Similarly, aging is highly dependable upon your mental stability and firmness. If your mind decides to stay happy and healthy, aging can’t gallop the joyfulness of your skin. This is why happier, optimistic, and carefree people glow more than the ones who cultivate stress in their minds.

Remember, perpetual distress and anger get vibrant through your face in the name of early wrinkles and fine lines. The reason is constant scowling, which causes muscle memory in the form of premature wrinkles. Whereas, happier minds get more relaxation hours for their muscles and prevent extrinsic aging successfully.

  • Smoking, Drinking, and Further Addictions


We all are aware of the unavoidable impacts of drinking and smoking on our hearts, lungs, and other body functionalities. Let me add up an extra number to their disadvantages’ list by explaining their potentiality to destroy your skin permanently.

As a matter of fact, our skin requires a certain amount of elastin, hydration, oxygen, and collagen to sustain its bright and youthful outlook. Smokers are more prone to have bad teeth, visible forehead wrinkles, and aging lines around their mouth area. Starting from the facial skin to body functionality, every portion deprives of hydration and oxygen. They make the degradation of smokers quite vibrant with time.

Excessive drinking might leave your entire body with a handful of permanent dark patches. Apart from its negative impacts on the liver and kidneys, heavy drinkers usually get poor muscle tone, discolored facial skin, and small spider veins caused by damaged blood vessels.

  • Natural External Factors (Sun Rays, Moisture, & Cold)

UV radiation

Basking under the scorching sun can also be another potential reason for premature aging. Sun rays can be solely responsible for your skin damage and early wrinkles or quick aging. Any form of skin discoloration or age spots automatically gets exacerbated by the harmful UV rays effect.

Similarly, remaining in a cold environment for a longer period can also damage your skin glow. Spending long hours in the cold develops wrinkles on your skin and makes its texture extra thin and sensitive. This is why people who get facial acne treatments for years, grow fine lines and wrinkles quicker than the ones stay away from these therapies.

Remember, as soon as the natural oil of your skin depletes, your skin looks old due to losing its elasticity. Therefore, regular moisturization for two to three times a day, and applying Sun Shield Sunblock SPF 50 every day before confronting the sun; can efficiently combat these early aging symptoms of your skin.

  • Unhealthy Diet Chart

healthy diet chart

The food ingredients we intake on a regular basis have the highest impacts on our bodies. Therefore, an unhealthy food chart can certainly encourage early aging of your skin which results in dark patches, wrinkles, and dark circles under our eyes. Surprisingly, food is again the only thing that can help you regain your younger face and body.

In case you’re following a diet plan rich in sugar, fat, processed food, and deficit in fresh vegetables and fruits, it’s going to be a major contributor to the premature death of your skin glow. Usually, excessive dairy products, refined sugar, and white flour are likely to cause skin-inflammation which again influences the aging process early.

Apart from leaving you with a heavy body, these food items cause internal-inflammation to your body. In fact, the organic breakdown of the nutrients we intake doesn’t dissolve in our bodies, which causes our skin to lack sufficient protein and other nutrients.

  • Our Regular Preferences and Priorities

When it comes to our preferences list, we all follow different lifestyle paths that involve a set of our own choices. For example, sitting in front of the television screen instead of choosing physical exertion can cause premature aging.

A regular workout session can undoubtedly prevent early aging and it can be your best ever move to keep your body in a great shape throughout. Subsequently, applying excessive chemically blended products on skin can also damage its youthful glow and results in premature aging.

  • Drastic Change of the Weight Structure

weight structure

Becoming too thin or too heavy can definitely add some extras to the aging process. If you’re underweight, the less amount of fat on your face influences early wrinkles. In fact, medical procedures like Botox and facelift also don’t bring back the natural fattiness of your face that you lose during weight loss.

Similarly, overweighed people are usually more prone to chronic diseases due to having a less active body and mind. Therefore, their skin naturally starts looking older than their current age. As a result, premature wrinkles start popping up on their skin.

Moreover, be it a twenty-year-old guy or a forty-year-old housewife, regular exercise is the key to perfect health. It pumps up your face glow and muscle structure while helping your body circulate sufficient nutrients to all your cells. Additionally, physical exercise is undoubtedly popular for its traditional benefit of burning extra fat.

Trust GoodCare Experts to Fight Extrinsic Aging

fight premature aging

Early aging symptoms have been the major concerns for years. Whatever influential factor may have caused your skin wrinkles and fine lines, needs attention immediately to combat the premature skin damage.

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