Our body transports sugar from the blood into the cells and when it fails to do the same, blood sugar level goes high. Due to less production of insulin, Glucose accumulates in the blood and turns out to be the sole reason behind diabetes. Over-accumulation of Glucose causes a number of troubles to your body, and heart disease or quick exhaustion is the prior symptoms to those.

According to the recent analysis, around 50 million people suffer from high blood sugar or diabetes. The percentage is increasing at a high pace and might cross all the heights soon. However, a certain set of food items and health drinks can deliberately help you control diabetes naturally. Here is a list of food items and drinks that do not cause dip or spikes to your blood, and maintain a balanced diet.

Pumpernickel or Whole Wheat Bread

Carbohydrates available in most bread types usually pull up your blood sugar level very quickly. Therefore, certain bread slices should be avoided entirely by diabetic patients to remain healthy and ignore increased diabetes. 100% stone-ground whole wheat bread and pumpernickel bread have 55 GI scale or less than that which efficiently works in controlling high blood sugar.

Pumpernickel or whole wheat bread slices contain low GI score, as they undergo fewer refinery procedures. Due to the fact, these types of bread contain the fibrous outer shells of cereals and grains that cause slow digestion and sustained blood sugar level. So including this specific kind of bread in your diet can help you diminish your blood sugar level without a hassle.

Invite All the Fruits to Your Diet

Fruits have their own capabilities of healing almost each of the diseases of mankind. Expect for melons and pineapples, all the fruits have much low GI scores and contain lots of fibers and water. Additionally, they secrete fructose in your body which perfectly balances the sugar level in your blood. Therefore, your body remains healthy and your diabetes level remains under control.

Remember, ripen fruits and extracted juices contain high GI scores and being a diabetic patient, you must avoid intaking these forms. According to a study in 2013, consuming blueberries, apples, and grapes lessen the possibilities of high-blood sugar. However, the fruit juices sold in the markets are equally harmful to diabetic patients due to having high GI scores. So say a big “NO to those for your own health.

Choose Oat Bran and Oatmeal

Oats don’t add dips or spikes to your blood sugar levels. They are likely to contain B-glucans that successfully elevate insulin sensitivity, balance glycemic control, and diminish blood lipids or fats. Most importantly, it lowers insulin and glucose responses right after your meals. So the blood sugar level remains in its limit even after you have eaten a bit too much.

Despite having beneficial effects on lipid profiles and glucose control, doctors still recommend diabetic people to limit their consumption of oatmeal to 1 cup only. The reason is the carbohydrate rate is quite high in oats. This clearly defines that even if a food item is filled with a number of beneficial aspects. However, the consumption level should always remain under a certain boundary.

Replace with Yams and Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes and yams are said to be very effective and nutritious for containing a low GI score. Surprisingly, the flesh of the sweet potatoes contains a higher rate of fiber than our skin does. This certainly speaks out of its extraordinary features of healing people carrying diabetes.

Despite having no evidential benefits, sweet potatoes are evidently some nutritious and healthy food items. They contain fewer GI scores that add sufficient advantages to our bodies. There are a number of dishes where you can replace the regular potatoes with the sweet potatoes or yams, like – french fries, stuffed potatoes, or casseroles.

Add the Flavour of a bit More Greens

Most of us have adopted the habit of intaking salads as a part of our regular meals. Especially, being a diabetic patient, a few green vegetables must be tangled up with your food habits as per your doctor’s suggestions. In that case, it’s probably the right time that you start adding chard, spinach, and kale to your usual salad items.

You can try roasting the kale leaves with a few drops of olive oil and make some crunchy and tasty chips. On the other hand, you may also mix roasted veggies with greens to add a lot of proteins with a little flavor. Moreover, these greens are extremely influential in dragging down your diabetes level with superior protein extracts and goodness.

Karela Jamun Juice – A Must in the Routine


Jamun and karela have always been the popular Ayurveda herbs containing superior capabilities of maintaining a healthy body functionality. The Karela Jamun Juice marketed by GoodCare, a Baidyanath-initiated skincare specialist, promises 100% purity. Additionally, it’s entirely free from flavors and color elements. The specific health drink detoxifies your blood with its added vitamins and minerals.

The Karela Jamun juice we offer is effective in stimulating your pancreas for producing a sufficient amount of insulin that your body requires. Therefore, it indirectly decreases your diabetes level and works as an appetizer while stimulating the liver for secreting digestive enzymes. So add this amazing health drink to your regular routine and get a miracle effect at the soonest.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and update your food chart today to let your mind and body be free from the increased diabetes effects with our Baidyanath-originated experts.