“Drink at least eight glasses of water in a day.” – This is a pretty basic theory to keep our bodies hydrated and fresh during summer. However, the question is, how much exactly do we understand the clear link between long-term health and hydration?

Water is something we need essentially for our regular survival. Especially, when it comes to summer, water is the only thing that keeps our bodies moving and fighting the unbearable heat. Surprisingly, there is no specific consensus that can define the concept of “optimal hydration”; and no certain policy can determine the absolute methods for describing the entire fluid status.

The Institution of Medicine in the US has suggested an adequate quantity of water intake in 2004. As per their recommendations, the everyday average water intake for women over 19 years old should be 11 cups; and for men, it should be 16 cups.

On the other side of the page, the European guidelines have been a bit more conservative. According to them, women should intake at least 2 liters (8 cups) of fluid and men should be intaking 2.5 liters (11 cups) of the same per day.

The discrepancy between the UK and US recommendations can draw a clear idea in your mind about how uncertain it is to set a perfect hydration goal depending upon the worldwide aspects. Here we have added a few extras to help you remain energetic and hydrated in the scorching summer heat.

So let’s roll further…

Why Remaining Hydrated is Important During Summer?

As the temperature increases in the summer months, our bodies get more prone to losing water through perspiration. As a matter of fact, there is a sufficient amount of water that our bodies require for its accurate functioning. Therefore, it becomes essential for us to look after our hydration responsibly to fight the summer blues.

Starting from our muscle functioning to the nervous system, each portion of our bodies seeks the perfect balance between the electrolytes and water. Even the slightest change in our hydration levels can have a negative impact on our physical movement as well as our mental wellness.

Water is basically assigned to transport all the nutrients to each of our body cells while boosting our energy levels. Additionally, it is also responsible for circulating oxygenated blood to our brain cells to increase our concentration levels.

Hopefully, I’ve made it quite evident that dehydration can cause certain troubles to our strength, muscle recovery, physical performance, and endurance. Therefore, it’s extremely essential to keep our bodies hydrated during summer, as the scorching sun gradually sucks up our water levels and makes us weak and unhealthy.

How to Maintain a Healthy Hydration Level?

Water is the most natural source of hydration and this is certainly an unavoidable fact. However, there can’t be only water that helps you maintain a healthy hydration level in your body. Here is a list of a few potential hydration-boosting hacks that will certainly help you beat the summer sun.

  • Call All the Nutrients to Your Beverage-List

Hydration during summer

While maintaining the water level in your body, you also have to take care of your consumption levels of carbohydrates and electrolytes both. These nutrients mingle up with your body water and absorb all the fluid essentials you drink.

Especially, the electrolytes contain chloride, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium which work as the critical elements to sustain muscle functioning and healthy nervous system. And unfortunately, we gradually lose all of these essentials with sweat caused by heat or physical extortion.

So consuming those through health drinks or other nutrient-rich beverages can be the smartest move to stay hydrated during the hot summer. The blend of water and 50ml of Amla Juice, produced by Baidyanath-originated GoodCare specialists, can certainly do miracles in order to keep your body nutrient-rich and hydrated.

  • Pick a Healthy Food Diet Chart

healthy food diet

A healthy food diet is an account for apparently 20% of your fluid consumption. Therefore, it can be the highest driving factor to maintain your body hydration status. Thankfully, most of the food items available in the summer days are quite rich in the water base, minerals, and carbohydrates; for example – strawberries, melons, tomatoes, and etc.

Why don’t you choose some orange slices, fresh vegetables like cucumber, and a bottle of fresh water for your pre and post-workout sessions? This can turn out to be your secret weapon to make your workout efforts even more effective and visible. You may also choose beverages containing flavor, electrolyte sodium chloride, and carbs to give your body the ultimate boost of hydration.

  • Track Your Weight Status Before and After Exercise

healthy body weight

During summer sports, sweat is a major contributing factor for dehydration. Especially, when you’re under excessive temp, sweat naturally evaporates off the pores of the skin. In order to cope with your hydration requirements and weight loss, start weighing yourself before and after a workout.

Every pound you lose during exercising, drives away 16 ounces of water from your skin through sweat. Therefore, the optimal weight loss should be 1% of your current body weight after the workout and definitely not more than that.

Therefore, 30 minutes of running is fine but ensure to slow down your pace than the usual, so less amount of sweat secretes out of your skin and your body doesn’t lose its healthy hydration level.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Urine Color

nutrient-rich beverages

Surprisingly, the color of your urine speaks loudly of the status of your body hydration level. Ensure to check your urine output before, in the middle, and after your outdoor activities. As our bodies are highly responsive to diversified fluid intake; the concentration and quantity of our urine output get adjusted gradually.

In case the urine you release is of light lemonade color, your body is likely to be hydrated. However, as soon as your urine color goes darker, you get a clear indication of your dehydrated body. In that case, you must take immediate steps to hydrate by adopting potential approaches. If the color still doesn’t seem to change after days, you must see a doctor immediately for better assistance.

  • Don’t Forget to Pamper Your Skin

stay hydrated

While you work hard on hydrating your body, you must not ignore certain skincare habits during summer. Summer is the ultimate season that almost makes you forget about your glowing skin without rashes or pigmentation.

The major contributors to those summer skin problems are your clogged skin pores and thick pertinent make-up layers. Remember, whatever you may have applied on your skin throughout the day, needs to be swiped off entirely to make your skin pores breathe better.

As Baidyanath has appeared with a new vision in the name of GOODCARE, the Ayurveda experts have come up with a range of herbal skin care products. Among all the GOODCARE ranges, here comes an amazing cleanser named as Puraclean that is rich in Green Tea extracts, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. It nourishes your skin and cleanses all the specks of dirt and particulate matters absorbed in your skin. Take one step forward this summer by hydrating your skin.