Green Tea, a flavor, bitter in taste and produced from the unfermented leaves, was originated in China. As Eastern influences have gone heavier on the constant East and West collision in terms of beauty and fashion, we’ve gradually captured their favorite ingredient “Green Tea extracts” in our skincare ranges. It is harvested from certain tea leaves and is found to a large extent in every of our skincare products.

Being a beauty Philomath, you must be willing to know why exactly we chose Green Tea extracts over every other herbal cosmetic ingredient. Well, if we could name something as “a super ingredient”, Green Tea would be the thing that contains numerous benefits for our skin, body, and hair. Despite having an Eastern origin, it has a Western diaspora that efficiently works on your skin in refreshing its pores.

High-Antioxidant Content

The one health benefit of Green Tea extracts that highlights beyond the rest, is its high-antioxidant feature. As a matter of fact, free radicles often cause cell damage and oxidative stress which need to be repaired soon. This results in healthier skin and life.

On the other hand, several other stress factors, complications, and aging can also be the reasons behind your reduced skin glow. In those cases, the job of an antioxidant is to fight the damages while promising you a stress-free skin.

Additionally, Catechins, the polyphenol antioxidants, contain most of the antioxidant features of Green Tea extracts. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the most craved catechin containing superior health and skin benefits in Green Tea. Therefore, the increased antioxidant created by the ingredient helps your body release the oxidative stress and lets your skin breathe without a hassle.

Baidyanath-originated GoodCare Fresh Splash Face Wash is rich in Green Tea extracts and vitamin E. These ingredients have been proven as the finest elements for adding antioxidants to the skin. So grab this amazing face wash and enjoy smooth and healthy skin with the goodness of nature.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Another excellent characteristic of Green Tea is its anti-inflammatory properties. The polyphenols, known as catechins, successfully swipes out redness, swelling, and irritation in minutes. These elements soothe your skin cells, reduce the itchiness, and look after your skin hydration.

Due to increased pollution and destructive UV effects, getting skin illness, redness, and irritation are quite common these days. Thanks to EGCG present in the Green Tea extracts. They pamper your skin and hydrate the pores to reduce the illness and enhance your skin color.

How about grabbing the GoodCare Spotless Anti Pigmentation Face Pack created by the experienced Baidyanath experts? Snatch a flawless skin from the goodness of herbs. It’s Vitamin C and Moroccan Lava Clay highlight your even tone. Additionally, it works on diminishing the pigmentation marks and illness at the earliest.

Treating Acne and Pigmentation

Green Tea is widely famous as an antibacterial agent that fights acne and pigmentation and soothes our skin to reflect a flawless complexion. Clogged and uncleaned pores usually result in acne that often turns out to be irritating and painful.

On the other hand, skin-pigmentation is again a big problem for most of us. Due to malfunction in skin melanin production, our skin gets dark patches, circles, and spots on certain places. Except for aging, pigmentation can also be caused by unhealthy UV rays.

Thankfully, polyphenols available in the Green tea extracts fight infection and damage bacterial membranes to protect our skin from the unnecessary troubles. Additionally, it also ensures the destruction of the systemic bacterial inflammation and offers you a smooth and flawless skin tone that you flaunt for a lifetime.

To witness the best of nature, try Baidyanath-initiated GoodCare Purifying Anti-Acne Face Serum blended with powerful Green Tea and Neem extracts. It has been considered as the fastest and finest acne fighter that vanishes pimples in minutes and their scars right after its second-time usage.

Rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin B2

Green Tea contains a large context of vitamin E and vitamin B2 which are rich in skin maintaining attributes. Especially, the skincare products we manufacture have a large context of both these vitamins.

Vitamin E influences new skin cell growth and hydrates your skin to make it youthful, soft, and nourished. Additionally, the element is also useful in removing unnecessary scars and birthmarks. Yes, even the permanent marks can be cured by the goodness of vitamin E.

On the other side of the page, vitamin B2 restructures your skin while maintaining the collagen level of your skin. Riboflavin is also known for its anti-acne and dry skin smoothening properties. Therefore, choosing Green Tea extracts can be the best option when it comes to skincare.

Opt for the GoodCare Sun Shield Sun Block originated from the goodness of Baidyanath and fight the harsh UV rays with its effective sun blocking elements. Its Carrot Seed Oil and Shea butter soften your skin while healing the skin cracks and protecting your skin layers from the harmful sun rays.

Treating Puffy Eyes

Due to fluid retention, allergies, trauma, stress, and aging can cause puffy eyes which results in swelling under our eyes. Though the problem might not look harmful initially has a preliminary effect on our eyes as it goes on increasing. And especially, when it comes to premature ageing, the concept itself gives us nightmares, don’t they?

Green Tea chocks in tannings and caffeine that allow the blood vessels to shrink around the eyes and treat dark circles and puffy eyes like a miracle. To be direct, the efficient skin brightening and depuffing actions have made Green Tea extracts the most powerful eye puff removals in the world.

Here comes the Youth Lift Anti Ageing Cream manufactured by our Baidyanath-originated GoodCare specialists. It carries the excellent healing capabilities of Dongbeak oil. Apply it twice a day and witness a drastic change in your skin glow along with decreased eye-puffs and dark circles.

Now that you’ve gone through the entire beneficial aspects of Green Tea extracts, have a glimpse of our widest range of Baidyanath-initiated GoodCare skincare products blended with rich Green Tea extracts and other herbal ingredients. Find the most suitable option for your skin type and let your skin release the ultimate sigh of relief.