The healthy liver is the one that breaks down carbohydrates, makes glucose, and works continually on detoxifying our body. Not only that, but the liver also helps us absorb nutrients from the food we intake, and store them to produce bile, which contributes to digestion. Therefore, you can imagine what can happen to your body if your liver doesn’t respond accordingly.

A healthy liver is essential to keep your entire body functionality active or moving. A simple live dysfunction can gradually result in metabolic disorders, chronic liver disease, and type 2 diabetes as well. While it’s almost impossible to control the entire risk-factors, certain foods or drinks consumption can help in promoting a good and healthy liver.

A Good Liver Starts from Your Plate

Food is the sole responsible factor behind most of the body dysfunctions. Similarly, food can also be an enchanting option to keep all our body organs healthy and active. Especially, when it comes to the liver, a proper food diet is essential to maintain its warmth and workarounds. Here are a few names that you can invite in your diet and promote a good liver.



Coffee is one of the best options for having great liver functionality. Years of research has reflected how coffee has successfully diminished the effects of liver disease among people. For instance – coffee cuts off the risk of permanent liver damage or cirrhosis in patients suffering from chronic liver disease.

In fact, at least three cups of coffee a day keeps you away from a common type of liver cancer and chronic liver inflammation. The benefits are usually stemmed from the prevention of fat and collagen formation, two of the major highlights of liver disease.

While decreasing liver inflammation, coffee elevates the antioxidants level called glutathione. These antioxidants help in neutralizing the harmful free radicals that our body produces naturally and they cause harm to our bodies on a continual basis. Therefore, don’t forget to take that morning cup of Joe and start your day with a thankful liver.

Green Tea

green tea

The World Journal of Gastroenterology conveyed through its recent study that green tea helps in decreasing the overall fat content and every sign of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Additionally, green tea also releases oxidative stress from your body and keeps you away from several chronic syndromes.

Remember, green tea is any day better than its extracts. Extracts are often considered for causing more damage to our body organs, while green tea only promotes good health by healing all the inside wounds.

Intaking green tea also prevents the possibility of liver cancer, if you’re committed to consuming at least four cups a day. However, before consuming green tea, you must consult with your doctor once to ensure its positive impacts on your health and liver, as different people may be allergic to different ingredients.



When it comes to adding fiber to our diet, nothing works better than oatmeal. Fiber has always been extremely helpful for digestion. Especially, oatmeal fiber has been proven as the finest one for healing liver disorders. Beta-glucans, a compound that exists in both oats and oatmeal, does wonders for our liver to keep it fine.

As per the International Journal of Molecular Sciences report, beta-glucans are one of the most active ingredients of our body. They fight the inflammations, prevent the effectiveness of obesity and diabetes, and module our immune system. Additionally, they also cut off the extra fat from the liver.

However, the packaged oatmeal might promise to promote your healthy body functionality but contain fillers like sugar and flour. These are definitely not inviting for our bodies and can cause more harm. Therefore, while choosing your good health, look for the steel-cut oats or whole oats instead of the packaged ones.



In order to stimulate the liver, adding a few pieces of garlic to your everyday diet can be a great option. As per the Advanced Biomedical Research journal, consuming garlic can be extremely helpful in reducing fat content in people having NAFLD and diminishing the overall body weight.

In fact, it has no such side effect except leaning the body mass. To the ones, for whom obese or overweight is a contributing factor to NAFLD, garlic consumption can turn out to be quite beneficial. Remember, excessive garlic consumption can also heat up the body, so limit its intake as per your body permits.



Purple and red grapes are rich in a variety of plant compounds. Resveratrol is one of those that contains quite a lot of health benefits, and especially, for the liver. After years of research, it has been proved that grapes and grape juice can deliberately control liver dysfunction. They are great at preventing further damage by reducing inflammation and elevating the antioxidant levels.

Remember, grape seed extracts, being a concentrated form, doesn’t provide as many benefits as the whole fruit does. In fact, you strictly require a doctor’s recommendation to consume grape seed extracts for the betterment of your liver. In that case, there is no harm in eating the liver-friendly whole grapes for higher liver functionality.

Fatty Fish

fatty fish

Fatty fish, rich in omega-3 fatty acid, contains healthy fat that successfully reduces inflammation while lessening the possibility of heart disease. The fats around fatty fish are wonderful for healing liver troubles. It prevents your liver to form fats, controls your enzyme levels, and enhances your insulin resistance.

However, you must keep in mind that consuming only omega-3 doesn’t help unless you balance the proportion between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid intake. The omega-6 fatty acid is found in several plants and we often tend to exceed the limit of its highest consumption level. This way your heart and liver remain under a perfect balance and you find fewer possibilities of attracting chronic diseases.

Cruciferous Vegetables

cruciferous vegetables

Broccoli, mustard greens, and Brussels sprouts fall under the category of crucified vegetables, which are famous for their unique taste and high fiber content. These vegetables are also rich in helpful plant compounds. Studies have reported the enzyme-detoxifying and liver-healing properties of the broccoli extracts and Brussels sprout extracts.

As a highlighting point, let me mention that even when the Brussels sprouts are cooked, they provide the same effects as their extracts. Whereas, broccoli extracts reduce oxidative stress from your body and enhance the enzyme levels. So roast them with lemon juice and garlic or with balsamic vinegar, and enjoy its promising benefits on your liver health.



Anthocyanins, a special form of antioxidants present in cranberries and blueberries have superior health-healing benefits. Be it the whole fruit or its extracts, berries are known to be the highest contributing factor to a good liver. Additionally, blueberries encourage antioxidant enzymes and better cell immunity.

The particular antioxidants existing in berries lessen the growth of fibrosis and lesion, in short, the growth of scar issues. Similarly, blueberry extracts diminish the development of liver cancer cells in humans and further chronic disease. Therefore, make them a part of your regular schedule and say no to all the liver worries.

Beetroot Juice

beetroot juice

Betalains, extremely precious antioxidants, and nitrates find their room in beetroot juice that is excellent in releasing oxidative stress and promoting a healthy heart. While it’s quite considerable to consume the whole beet to attain the same benefits. However, you can also intake the juice by making it on your own or by purchasing from an online store.

After thorough research, scientists have come to a point that beetroot juice reduces liver inflammation and oxidative damage to it while promoting the natural detoxification enzymes. Therefore, having it once in a day can keep your liver away from a lot of chronic troubles.



Nuts are sufficiently rich in nutrients, fats, vitamin E, and helpful plant compounds. The composition is highly beneficial to our liver and heart health. People associated with NAFLD can genuinely attain help from intaking nuts, as those vibrantly accelerate the liver enzyme levels. So why not include it in your regular diet and wipe out all your liver inflammation? Especially, when their consumption seems quite engaging for most.

Goodcare LivGood

goodcare livgood


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