“You are what you eat.” – We all have heard of the proverb since childhood but have only been aware of it after we witnessed its truth in the literal sense. And that’s probably one of the reasons that you’ve landed on this page and seeking the right kind of food items for your skin and hair.

It’s no more an untypical fact that shifting to a healthy diet plan can genuinely do miracles for your skin, hair, and the entire health structure. The reason is quite simple – your hormonal balance, skin collagen production, hair growth, skin radiance, and everything depends on what ingredients you eat every day. So here we go…

Ingredients for a Brighter Skin and Beautiful Hair

In order to help you understand your health better, we’ve brought a freshly revised food chart for you. However, before you dive into the list, let me remind you to consume more whole foods to stay healthy and nutrient-rich. Whole-grain foods contain a lot of phytochemicals, nutrients, and enzymes that work heavily on our skin to keep our body active and healthy.



Till now we have known how spinach works excellently on strength providing for our body. There is another title that fits perfectly with spinach is “anti-ager”. Spinach is extremely rich in beta carotene that gradually turns into a powerful anti-aging ingredient – Vitamin A.

This particular nutrient is absolutely wonderful for enabling complete moisture-retention to the epidermis of our skin that indirectly eliminates dead cells and fights wrinkles. We would better suggest you pair up spinach with a food item rich in vitamin – C. Drizzling a squeeze of lemon over a spinach salad can be the best way to enjoy the premium absorption of spinach.

Fatty Fish

fatty fish

Fish high in omega-3 fatty acid carry fabulous beauty benefits for your skin including its radiant glow and vibrant strands. They usually take place in the cell membranes of the hair scalp and in the essential oils that help our scalp remain hydrated. Almost 3% of the hair shaft is filled with omega-3.

When it comes to fatty fish, salmon has always been the first on the list. However, sardines, mackerel, and anchovies are even proven as better options than that. The sole reason behind their goodness is their position at the bottom of the food chain. This is why mercury and other harmful toxins don’t get accumulated in them.

Avocado Oil

avocado oil

Eating the entire avocado is certainly great for our whole health. Now let’s come to the avocado oil that contains vitamin A, D, E, and omega-9 fatty acid that does wonders for your skin by turning it into a radiant one. If added to your diet on a daily basis, the nutrients over time even out your skin tone. Being quite high on the smoke point, it seems versatile enough to drizzle on your summer soup or sprinkle on your roasted veggies.

Red Bell Peppers

bell peppers

Red peppers are even higher in vitamin C content than oranges. Apart from collagen production, vitamin C also works as a wonderful antioxidant. As soon as light attacks your skin, it releases a sufficient amount of free radicals. These radicals may lead to DNA damage and premature ageing while bouncing inside or around your skin.

The antioxidants present in the red bell peppers mingle with the free radicals to avoid further damages and rejuvenate skin cells. Therefore, including red bell peppers in your everyday routine can help you attain younger-looking beautiful skin easily.



Coconut water carries a natural hydration aid with its high content in potassium – an electrolyte – that moves all the nutrients to our body cells. Similarly, coconut oil is rich in vitamin K, E, and healthy fats, which are some wonderful factors to neutralize your hair while boosting its growth and natural shine.

While using it as a pre-wash conditioner, coconut oil fights protein loss and prevents strands to get weaker or prone to damage. You can deliberately swap your regular cooking oil with coconut oil, as it’s amazing for high-heat cooking due to its high smoke point.



Be it your favorite egg salad or a sunny side up, every preparation of egg is extremely good for our hair follicles. From vitamin B absorption to liver function, sulfur is known as the most essential nutrient for our body. Eggs are high in sulfur which makes them the must for keratin and collagen production. So consuming more eggs can genuinely help you achieve glowing skin, vibrant locks, and stronger nails.



The best ever natural remedy to control breakouts and maintain pure skin is garlic. However, you must ensure to chop it off and leave it for a few minutes before using it in cooking to make the most out of its natural antibacterial properties.



Tomatoes should be heartily thanked for their high antioxidant content that prevents our skin from sun damage and much more. Constant intake of standard tomato paste with a bit of olive oil has been proved as the most effective method for your skin to prevent itself from the harmful UV rays. Otherwise, you can just chop them off and mix them with your regular salad to enjoy its healthy and tasty ingredients.

Collard Greens

collard greens

All greens are always inviting for our skin. However, collard greens are the ones that have mostly been underappreciated despite being rich in toxin-killing antioxidants and vitamin C. In fact, almost 70% of our vitamin C requirement comes directly from the collard greens. In case you’ve decided to stay raw this summer, mix taco spice with walnuts, salsa, and tamari and roll them up in raw collard leaves to choose great health.



If you’re really passionate about your locks, you must consume oats every day. They have a high content in biotin, zinc, magnesium, potassium. Less content of these essential nutrients may cause more breakage or brittle hair. Therefore, don’t forget to have some soaked oats for your summer breakfast. Fill half of a mason jar with oats, pour milk, add spices, add your favorite fruits, and you’re all set to enjoy the healthiest food of the day.

Wheat Grass Juice

wheat-grass juice

Natural ingredients have always been the best whenever it came to the skin or hair care regimen. Baidyanath-initiated Goodcare launched Wheat-grass juice that’s said to be quite effective for both skin and hair health.

Almost all the vitamins like A, B – complex, C, I, K, and 17 amino acids are available in the wheatgrass juice that has the excellent potentiality to rejuvenate your skin and keep its glow intact. It’s a great detoxification agent that cleanses the pores and repairs the damaged cells. It’s a great antioxidant that helps you remain a healthy body weight.

So choose the right kind of foods for your diet and bring out your inner strength and positivity through a radiant outer glow.